Canine Basic Behaviour 101

Safe, positive and healthy human to dog interactions start with learning to understand and speak their language.  This 2.5-hour course has been designed to give Animal Professionals, Rescue Volunteers and dog owners the tools necessary to better read canine body language, correctly determine the animal’s emotional state, understand their needs, and recognize early warning signs of behavioural concerns.  In addition to learning how to read canine body language, this course also reviews the distinct training needs of each breed group, and investigates least intrusive, minimally aversive, training techniques designed to satisfy the unique needs of the individual dog.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • How to read canine body language
  • Different breeds and their training needs
  • Human to canine communication
  • Positive training techniques
  • Suggested training supplies

The target audience for this course includes; Animal Control Officers, Canine Handlers, Veterinarian Technicians, Breeders, dog trainers & behavioural consultants, groomers, doggy daycare attendants, dog walkers / pet sitters, foster parents for canine rescue groups and the average dog owner.

Canine Foundations is proud to offer 4 OAVT (Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians), 3.5 CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) and 4 IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) Continuing Education Credits for Behaviour 101.

Course length  2.5 hours

Available On-Demand

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Private bookings are available for groups of 10 or more – call 647-284-7584

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