Then:  At nearly 2 years of age Tink was still doing her business on paper in the house.  She also enjoyed a life of excessive barking in the home.  She barked at the sounds of the door bell and the garage door opener, urinated when guests came into the home, and above all did not listen to commands.

Now:  Within 2 sessions, each 2 hours long, Tink is completely house broken!  She appears much more at ease and barks 95% less in the home.  Now she listens to all of her basic commands with all family members, greets guests with a wag of her tail and can hold her bladder at the door!  Tink’s owner informs us that the children actually enjoy walking the dog more often because "she’s fun to walk" now that they know how to walk her at a heel on leash.

– Debbie Gasper, Breakaway Wellness Spa



Then:  This Jack Russell ruled his home with an iron paw for 9 years. Barking at his family members, demanding what ever he wanted, ignoring commands and racing around the house, hyper and uncontrollable.   After he underwent orthopedic surgery, Yeller’s owners were desperate to get him under control.

Now:  After the initial visit, Yeller’s owners were shocked to discover that they had a very sweet, relaxed and obedient dog hidden beneath years of miscommunication and unaddressed anxieties.  Yeller has been shown new ways to focus his energy and strives to please his owners.  Extended family and visitors are thrilled with Yeller’s new behaviour and find him much more enjoyable to spend time with.

– Lori Edwards



Then:  Rolex’s owner had a unique situation, he was the proud new daddy of a very well tempered but pushy German Shepherd pup. He lacked the time and couldn’t spend hours teaching his new pup all of her commands. The traditional way of him training his own dog just wasn’t working. His busy schedule only allowed keeping up with maintenance training and exercising the dog.

Now:  After 4 full days of one on one training, spaced over a month, Rolex earned her basic and advanced obedience levels while her dad was at work. Rolex’s owner reports that this arrangement worked out better than he had hoped. He loves coming home from work to find out what great new things his dog could do now.

– Greg Sutcliffe, Maddison’s Pond & Garden



Then:  Jack’s owners adopted him from the OSPCA.  He was a good natured dog and appeared to make a good companion for their existing dog, Aussie. On the tenth day, Jack and Aussie had an altercation where Aussie was injured and the two dogs had to be separated. Jack’s new owners feared that they had made a mistake in adopting Jack but wanted to give him one more chance.

Now:  Jack’s owners report seeing a completely different dog within 24 hours of his first session. He fits into their home like he was always there. Jack and Aussie are now the best of friends, their favourite pastimes are playing in the yard and sleeping together on the same bed.

– Margret Harlos, Living Organized



Then:  This 4 to 5 year old German Shepherd, Collie mix began to earn a bad rap with his new adoptive mom when he unexpectedly bit a guest in her home. After only having him for two months prior to the incident, Jake’s new mom was concerned that she may be in over her head; but with the shelters being unable to adopt him out because of the bite, euthanasia would be his only other option.

Now:  Jake’s mom reports that Jake is a very affectionate and friendly boy, eager to greet guests and relaxed around strangers. His basic and advanced commands improve by leaps and bounds as he displays his sharp mind and drive to please.

– Stephanie Reid



Then:  Despite basic training in puppy class, at age 2 our 75 lb Malamute was becoming more difficult to control.  His excessive barking, persistently getting into our space, mouthing, rude with visitors, pulling on the leash and pushing past people in close quarter situations such as door ways and stairs caused us a great deal of concern, especially with a toddler in the home and a new baby.

Now:  Julie showed us how to gain better control over Nanuq by fulfilling his needs and becoming true alphas of our pack. Commands such as; back up, off, leave it, bed, stay and heel are now effective, even with distractions present and all this with using only praise as a reward, NO TREATS!  Thank you Julie.

– Nicola Hassler, DVM



Then:  This friendly 11/2 year-old Golden Retriever had initially been very gentle and affectionate with his owner’s new baby. However, when the child began to walk Shenanigans began to display what his owners feared was aggression.  His growling at the child was cause for great concern for his owners.

Now:  After one session, Shenanigan’s pack order was reassigned and his alarming behaviour was stopped in its tracks. Since his owners have implemented the training techniques, taught to them during their session with Canine Foundations, they report that Shenanigans has become very obedient and relaxed in the home.

– Dr. Nicole Solly



Then:  This severely neglected dog suffered for over 18 months before being saved by his current owner.  Freddie had become mentally and socially stunted. After all medical causes for his unpredictable and sometimes aggressive behaviour were ruled out by the veterinarian, Freddie’s future in his new home was becoming very uncertain.

Now:  After 2 visits, spaced out over the period of a month, Freddie has redeemed himself, earning his spot in his new forever home with good behaviour. Freddie’s biting, barking and extreme fear of being away from the house is no longer an issue.  He continues to improve every day with the guidance from his devoted owner.

– Anne McCarthy



Then:  This loveable, overly friendly, super bouncy 4 year old, 90lb lab was absolutely positive that she was no older or larger then a 4 month old puppy. She bounced on and mowed over every visitor that came to the house despite her owner’s desperate calls and failed attempts to make her behave herself.

Now:  Brandy is much more relaxed in the home and allows visitors to come in and get settled before greeting them. Brandy’s owners saw an immediate change in her during the very first session, proving that all she really needed was a little understanding and more structure and boundaries.

– Larry Hurd, Manic Media



Then:  Runtley’s issues ranged from excessive barking and failing to listen to commands to possession guarding and aggression towards children. “When we first contacted Canine Foundations our biggest concern was could we eliminate his 10 years of fear based aggression in time for the arrival of our first child?”

Now:  Runtley has gone from being a stressed out, nervous guy who was always on high alert to a relaxed, confident dog. Runtley has learned not to touch our son’s belongings, is calm when the doorbell rings, walks patiently along side the stroller, stays relaxed when the baby cries, and understands to share the love and affection. Julie’s calm and gentle approach worked miracles for us, I wish I had found her many years earlier!

– Andrea Evans