Sport Dog Training Camp

Control the course content yourself by choosing commands you want to teach your dog, according to your lifestyle and his/her unique learning style.

Most Hunters desire 2 things of their Sport Dog. Firstly, we want a fierce and formidable ally in the bush, swamp or field to assist us in doing what we want to be doing…Hunting!  Secondly, and not far off our first choice, is we want a loving companion that we can enjoy with our friends and family. Thus you want a prey driven Gentleman’s Dog! This is attainable with the right support. If your dog is already a stellar hunting dog we can work with them to improve their existing skills, both for competition or just for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.

In order to ensure that your furry friend receives the highest quality of care Canine Foundations limits the number of dogs who are accepted into the program.  The professionals at Canine Foundations will personality profile each canine client in order to determine how many visits are required in order to achieve the results desired by their family.  One visit consists of a maximum of 2 weeks of concentrated, one on one training.  In the event that more than one visit is necessary in order to achieve your goals, your dog will require a minimum of 2 weeks home time with your family between each visit.

The average dog can achieve their basic to advanced obedience training within one 2 week visit, learning commands including but not limited to;

Bird & gun introduction, Waterfowling, Upland hunting skills, Name recognition, Dog Socialization, Work cue, Play cue, Sit, Down, Stay, Yield, Drop command, Heel, Canoe and Boat Training, Recall, Working in decoy spreads

Please note that all canine visitors must be up to date on vaccinations and flea / tick control prior to attending camp.  Proof of vaccinations and flea / tick control will be required at the time of registration.

The most common issues hunter’s report experiencing when hunting multiple dogs at the same time are; dog fights due to inadequate socialization, playing with the other dogs instead of working, releasing from their stay position to another dogs cue, competing to retrieve and fighting over the kill.  Canine Foundations works with each sport dog alongside strong coach dogs by conditioning them to focus on work when their vest is on and allowing play when given the verbal cue and once their vest has been removed.  Working with coach dogs allows our team to teach your dog how to focus on their job with canine distractions present, to release to cues directed at them and to not compete with other dogs.

Puppy Selection

Selecting the right dog is definitely important. Canine Foundations can help match you and your needs to a puppy with the applicable traits so you can get the most from them.

It is not too late for your dog!

Many Waterfowl and Upland Hunters get frustrated with their dogs “lack of performance” or phobias, (a dog that is gun shy, lack of water exposure, or training etc.).  Although early exposure, socialization and training are a major benefit mature dogs can still “get in the game.”  Once profiled Canine Foundations team members and Coach Dogs will design a program that will get your dog in the blind or on the field despite early setbacks or issues.

Getting started

Each new client starts with a one-hour personality profiling assessment where one of our experts come to your home and:

  • Discuss your canine behaviour/training goals and current issues
  • Gains background information
  • Reviews your family’s life-style to ensure the program designed meets your needs
  • Completes a personality profile of your dog
  • Provides an estimate of the number of visits required to achieve your goals

Personality profiling

Your dog’s personality profile assesses his/her intelligence level, problem-solving skills, learning style, drives, motivations, personality type, disposition, areas of sensitivity and low thresholds (areas of low tolerance).  With this information, we are able to choose training techniques best suited for your dog’s unique personality mix, which means quicker and more reliable results for you.

Going home

At the end of your dog’s visit a maintenance program is designed and each family receives a 1 hour session, with one of our expert trainers, to teach each family member how to utilize the commands your dog learned during camp.  A written copy of your dog’s maintenance program is provided for your review and your two week follow up phone consultation is complementary as a part of your on-going support. Half and full day in-field hunting sessions can be booked in order to assist you in working the commands your dog learned at camp.

Kindness condoned!

Canine Foundations uses only science based humane confidence and relationship-building training techniques.  We do NOT endorse the use of intimidation techniques or pain-deterrent training such as prong or shock collars. Our years of experience and a 100% success rate (provided you do your homework) proves those techniques are not necessary.  Remember Sport Dogs in General want nothing more than to please their owner, and this is what is important.  Making you and your canine a team, in our opinion, works towards far better results than pain deterrents.