K9 Play Therapy

Dogs with underdeveloped social skills (who suffer from shyness, fear, rudeness, bullying or playing too rough) can enjoy learning through play.

It’s like a play date with a purpose. A K9 Play Therapy session brings together your dog and a carefully selected playmate(s) who have the appropriate play and social skills to encourage the development of your dog’s positive social skills. Each get-together is overseen and monitored by a professional handler to ensure safety.

Agenda • • •

These sessions are specifically tailored to develop the character of your individual dog. During each session, Canine Foundations’ experienced handlers point out and explain what body language and behaviour to watch for, how to positively reinforce good play skills, and also how to address and manage disruptive play skills.

Owners will learn to recognize the right time to intervene between dogs, and how to interrupt and take control of a possibly volatile situation.


Fearful dogs, for example, are matched with dogs who will continue to build their confidence as they learn how to play and interact.

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