Yes, There Is Help For You And Your Pooch! • • •


• • • Dog Bite Assessments

Complete DetailsOur court experienced experts offer a wide range of services in order to fully support our clients in addressing a dog bite incident.

• • • Private Behaviour Consultation

Complete DetailsPrivate sessions, in your home, customized to address the undesirable behaviours of your dog – hyperactivity, aggression, fears and phobias.

• • • Private Obedience Training

Complete DetailsDirect course content yourself by choosing commands you want to teach your dog, according to your lifestyle and his/her unique learning style.

• • • Obedience Training Camp

Complete DetailsIn Canine Foundations’ obedience training camp, your dog comes to live with the Canine Foundations family to receive specialized training in a nurturing home environment.

• • • Sport Dog Training Camp

Complete DetailsCanine Foundations’ works with each sport dog to address everything from bird and gun introduction, working in decoy spreads, dog socialization to canoe and boat training.

• • • K9 Play Therapy

Complete DetailsDogs with underdeveloped social skills (who suffer from shyness, fear, rudeness, bullying or playing too rough) can enjoy learning through play.

• • • Dog Adoption Consulting

Complete DetailsHave your questions answered about a potential adoption, by obtaining a detailed personality profile of the dog, BEFORE you bring the dog home.

• • • Puppy Picking Services

Complete DetailsFind the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle by consulting with the experts on everything from breed/breeder selection to adoption opportunities.

• • • New Home & Family Integration

Complete DetailsGive your dog the tools to overcome the stress of a changing home environment, including optimizing a pup’s first day home.