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Canine Foundations is proud to offer a wide range of Service Dog Training options. From Public Access Proficiency Assessments to designing specialized training programs, and facilitating the final Public Access Test, our Certified Service Dog Coaches are prepared to walk you through the process from beginning to end.  Call to book your free case review with a Certified Service Dog Coach today!

• • • 10-Week Service Puppy Training

Complete Details This program focuses on implementing practical desensitization, socialization, and stress inoculation methods, to better prepare the puppy for a life as a working dog.

• • • Adolescent to Adult Dog Public Access Training

Complete Details Canine Foundations provides personalized, one on one Service Dog Training in the privacy of our client’s home, in-person and virtually.

• • • Assistance Task Training

Complete Details The needs of each Service Dog Team are unique, as such, all assistance task training programs are customized to mitigate physical, psychiatric and developmental disabilities.

• • • Service Dog Day Camp

Complete Details Day Camp is an excellent tool to assist clients in achieving their Service Dog training goals faster, by providing focused training on specific behaviours and cues.

• • • Service Dog Obedience Camp

Complete Details Service Dog Obedience Camp is a great option for clients who are looking for specialty assistance task training or struggling with training their own Service Dog at home.

• • • Public Access Proficiency Testing

Complete Details This 1-hour assessment is conducted in a public location to examine the general disposition and temperament of the dog in a public setting.

• • • Public Access Testing

Complete Details This 4-hour assessment evaluates a service dog team in a variety of settings to demonstrate their readiness to work safely in a public environment.