Public Access Testing • • •

Canine Foundations’ Public Access Test is designed to meet the British Columbia’s Guide Dog and Service Dog Assessment, which was modeled after the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test and the Security Dog Validation Standards from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

This 4-hour assessment evaluates a service dog team in a variety of settings to demonstrate their readiness to work safely in a public environment. This testing process visits several different public locations including a hospital, shopping center, grocery store, restaurant, and public transit. Dogs who pass will receive a Certificate of Achievement and detailed copy of their evaluation results to verify their certification. All tests end on a positive note! Dogs who need more work to pass the Public Access Test receive a complementary 1-hour training advice and assistance session to better prepare them for the next time they take the test. To see if this service is right for you, please contact us at (705) 835 – 3177, or by email at