Connecting professionals to support growth

There are many reputable dog trainer certification programs available on the market today, ranging from in-classroom experiences to online and everything in between.  Regardless of which road of education you traveled to enter the field of professional dog training, the need for continued education and professional development is always present.

As Professional Dog Trainers, sooner or later you are bound to come across a case that is just outside of your current area of expertise.  Often, the ethical solution is to refer the client to a professional within the necessary scope.  Other times, the disruption of switching trainers can cause more harm than good. It is these cases that can provide a unique learning opportunity for the trainer.  Canine Foundations’ Certified Canine Behaviour Consultants provide Professional Mentoring Consultations for Professional Dog Trainers who find themselves in such a position.

Trainers can expect to enter a development driven relationship with the Behaviour Consultant as they work together on a specific client case. Not only will your Behaviour Consultant offer support and guidance through roadblocks, but they will help you to expand your skills and increase your knowledge as a Professional Dog Trainer.  This includes assistance and sharing of expertise on developing protocols and homework, and trouble- shooting client specific issues.

Kindness Condoned!

Canine Foundations' Consultants firmly adhere to the principals of LIMA, implementing Least Intrusive, Minimally Adverse techniques to achieve a training and behaviour objectives with minimal risk of producing adverse side effects.