Canine Foundations is licenced through the RCMP Chief Firearms Office and provides the manufacturers instructional course developed by Safariland/DEF TECH.  OC spray is currently considered one of the best tools to reduce injuries to security and by-law officers.  This course is designed to teach participants the importance of understanding what OC spray can and cannot do, learn the most effective spraying techniques and how to use it responsibly.  This course will discuss whether officers should experience being sprayed as a part of training and how officers can reduce the pain and recover faster when they are sprayed or exposed. The physical/ practical exercises are facilitated by highly decorated and experienced O/C Certified Instructors. ALL PERSONS REGISTERING FOR THE PROGRAM MUST HAVE ACTIVE PEACE OFFICER STATUS. This is a manufacturers instructional course and should be deemed as such (Safariland/DEF TECH)

Topics include:

  • Define the term Oleoresin Capsicum and list the ingredients
  • Legislations pertaining to the use of OC
  • Operating procedures for MK4 Spray and how to properly inspect canister
  • Understand physical and psychological effects a person may experience after being sprayed
  • Possible medical conditions associated with the use of OC Spray
  • Proper decontamination procedure – theory
  • Practical and written test
  • Exposure & decontamination practical

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