Safe, positive, and healthy human to dog interactions start with learning to understand and speak their language.  The morning of this full-day, industry specific course, focuses on topics such as how to read canine body language and facial expressions, identifying the animal’s emotional state, and understanding canine vocal communication.  Participants will learn how to move, talk, and behave in a manner that will reduce the animal’s stress levels, thus promoting safety for both dog and handler. 

The objective for the afternoon is to provide participants with information and experience to quickly assess a dog’s intentions, defuse volatile dogs, avoid altercations and injury, and how to protect themselves in the event an attack becomes unavoidable.  Additional topics specific to Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officers such as, how to safely apprehend a dog from various scenarios using the Canine Incident Management Model, are covered in detail. 

The physical/ practical exercises are facilitated by former military and law enforcement personnel who are experienced and certified Self Defense Instructors.  Our 9 to 1 Participant to Instructor ratio ensures that each participant has maximum hands-on time with an Instructor to develop muscle memory, in addition to learning to perform the techniques efficiently and with confidence.  Providing participants with the confidence and skills essential to adequately protect themselves in the event of a dog attack.     

Topics to be covered include:

  • Reading Canine Body Language
  • Understanding Vocal Communication
  • Typical Breed Group Dispositions
  • Human to canine communication
  • Quickly assess the intentions of an approaching dog
  • How to safely apprehend a dog from various scenarios
  • Avoid errors when being approached by a hostile dog
  • Defusing displays of aggression directed towards you
  • Protecting yourself in the event an attack becomes unavoidable

Canine Foundations is proud to offer 4 OAVT (Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians), 3.5 CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers) and 4 IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) Continuing Education Credits for Behaviour 101.

For information on ordering a private course, please contact our Corporate Training Manager at (705) 835-3177