The objective of this 4-hour industry specific course is to offer the most up-to-date and scientifically sound material regarding feline handling and health care.  Participants will focus specifically on the normal behaviors and health status indicators of domestic and feral cats; learning how to read feline body language, intentions, vocalization, and behaviours.  In addition to learning feline communication, this course teaches individuals how to respond in a manner that reduces the animal’s stress levels, thus improving safety for both animal and handler.  Participants will acquire the skills to implement the most humane handling and restraint techniques, as it relates to the animal’s life stage, behaviour, and health status. Therefore, encouraging cooperative behaviours from the animal while providing optimal safety for the handler. 

Working under the supervision of highly experienced and skilled feline handling professionals, our 9 to 1 student to instructor ratio provides participants with the maximum opportunity for hands-on learning and experience.  Upon the completion of this course, participants will master handling techniques for various feline temperaments such as fearful, stressed, assertive, fractious, and semi-feral/feral. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • Reading feline behavior
  • Quick assessment of a cat’s intentions
  • How to approach a cat
  • Handling techniques for various temperaments
  • Safety equipment & operations

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