The objective of this 4-hour industry specific course is to provide participants with the information they require to approach and apprehended a dog, from both in the field and in the shelter environment, in a safe, stress reduced manner.  Participants will learn basic handling methods that will reduce the stress levels of the dog to promote safer and more predictable behaviour, reducing the potential of injury to both the dog and handler.   The hands-on portion of this course teaches participants how to effectively operate and utilize safety equipment, including a Catchpole in various circumstances and reducing the potential of injury to the animal and handler.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Apprehension of dogs in the field
  • Apprehension of dogs in a kennel or shelter run
  • Removal of a dog from a vehicle, home, back yard
  • Maintaining a working Catchpole
  • Correct and safe handling of the Catchpole
  • Using the Catchpole as a defensive tool
  • Handling volatile dogs

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