The ASP Expandable Baton Certification teaches Security and Law Enforcement Individuals tactical baton fundamentals in an operational setting.  This program has been developed by Armament Systems and Procedures and is based on modern, court defensible standards for primarily less than lethal use of force options.  The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced, and readily maintained.  Students obtain the basic understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, justification for use, and how to document these actions.  Other topics include defensive stances, movement, opening and closing batons, open and closed mode strikes utilizing weapon side, reaction, clearance, and straight strike techniques.  At the end of the course, candidates will receive ASP User Certification and ASP Certificate package including pen, pin, booklet, and patch.  

The physical/ practical exercises are facilitated by former military and law enforcement personnel who are experienced ASP Certified Instructors.  Our 9 to 1 Participant to Instructor ratio will ensure that each participant has maximum supervision and correction time with an Instructor to develop muscle memory, in addition to learning to perform the techniques efficiently and effectively.

Main Teaching Points Include:

  • Explain the purpose for the Use of Force Continuum / Management Model.
  • Explain the National Management Model as it applies to the Expandable Baton.
  • Identify six Officer/Subject Factors and Special Circumstances.
  • Define the term totality of the circumstances.
  • Identify how a defensive tactic is evaluated.
  • Identify the components of the Expandable Baton and state how to maintain the weapon.
  • List and explain the four parts to the balanced stance.
  • Demonstrate both the interview and combat stances.
  • List and explain the seven components of power Generation.
  • Define the following terms: weapons side, reaction side, clearance strike, forgiving techniques, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
  • List the permissible and non-permissible strike zones with the Expandable baton.
  • Demonstrate and explain how and where the baton should be worn.
  • Demonstrate and explain the following: proper grip, open mode, closed mode.
  • Demonstrate and explain the following strikes in the closed mode: weapons, reaction and straight strike.
  • Demonstrate and explain the following strikes in the open mode: weapons, reaction and straight strike.
  • Demonstrate a rapid response strike.

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