Martin Speyer  •  •  •

Pic4Andrew Martin Speyer comes to Canine Foundations with an extensive background in the Military, Corrections, law enforcement, adult education, and Sport Dog/Gundog training.  Martin served as a member or the Canadian Armed Forces extending over 14 years, 6 years of Corrections and has been a defensive tactics instructor for Military, Corrections, Police and Private Agencies for more than 12 years. His experiences includes but is not limited to, tactical level training for Governmental and Non-governmental agencies, Certified ASP Expandable Baton and OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor, certified by Armament Systems and Procedures INC. and Safariland Training Group Defence Technology.

Martin’s knowledge of health, safety and real life experience performing human Emergency First Aid in the field makes him a highly valued addition to the Canine Foundations team.  Martin captivates students with his extensive knowledge base and real world experience when teaching.