Meet Our Team  •  •  •

The Canine Foundations’ team demonstrates excellent technical knowledge and hands-on skills in both obedience training and behaviour modification. Our certified IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) Behaviour Consultants and certified CCPDT (Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers) trainers regularly participate in continuing education courses to ensure the training you and your dog receive is based on current research and scientifically sound techniques. Our Consultants and Trainers are highly skilled in developing customized programs designed to suit your dog’s individual needs, implementing least intrusive, minimally adverse training methods to make your experience both enjoyable and efficient.

Canine Foundations also employ individuals who are highly qualified and skilled in their area of expertise to teach our continuing education and training programs in the Corporate environment.  Upon consultation our team of specialists will provide your organization and staff with the knowledge and expertise they require to perform their job with skill and confidence.