Rise and Whine!

Dear Julie, I’m exhausted! My dog wakes me up every day at 4am with this terrible whining. I’ve tried to ignore him but he just won’t stop. He used to wake up in the night when he was a puppy, but now he’s two. Shouldn’t he be able to hold it for the whole night? Help me … [Read more...]

Time Out Weary

Dear Julie, I am the proud new owner of a 9 months old beagle, who I’ve been told by my dog trainer, is very dominant and pushy.  She recommended giving my dog time outs in her crate when she does not listen but I’m concerned that this will cause her to become afraid of her crate.  Can you time … [Read more...]

Disturbing the Peace

So, your dog won’t stop barking. The first item on your to do list is to listen to what your dog is trying to tell you with her bark.  Dogs communicate their feelings through pitches and tones, and listening to the sound of her bark will tell you how she feels about the situation. The second … [Read more...]