Morris’ Story

Morris was rescued 3 years ago from a very abusive situation, that left emotional scarring which resulted in the development of fear aggression towards new strangers, familiar guests and family members.  People attempting to reach for Morris were often met with extreme escape behaviours, including … [Read more...]


  Dear Julie, I was recently hired as an Animal Control Officer in a very active community with a high number of guardian breeds registered.  The one call I dread is the aggressive dog running at large, it makes my blood run cold and I worry about being attacked.  I’ve heard from other … [Read more...]

Is Dog Food Linked To Aggression?

Dear Julie, A friend of mine recently told me that the food I’m feeding my dog could be the cause for some of the sudden aggression we have been seeing from him lately.  Does diet really effect personality and behaviour? Sincerely, Nutritionally Concerned Dear Nutritionally … [Read more...]

Good Dog Gone Wrong

Dear Julie, I have a 3 year old neutered male Springer Spaniel who aggressively lunges towards, growls and barks at the dogs we pass on our walks.  Why is he doing this and can it be fixed? Sincerely, Good Dog Gone Wrong   Dear; Good Dog Gone Wrong,   There are many … [Read more...]


Dear Julie, My 1 year old yellow lab is the sweetest boy you will ever meet, very friendly with everyone, gentle and listens extremely well … except when he has a bone.  If myself or anyone for that matter, tries to take his bone from him he will snarl and snap at us.  This random aggression has … [Read more...]

Not just another abandoned dog

We acquired our dog Jessie through a series of sad and unfortunate events. Her previous owners had purchased her from a backyard breeder and reported having difficulties with introducing her to strangers. We originally accepted Jessie as a client for boarding at our kennel, without fully … [Read more...]