“I have found the Canny Collar invaluable. Recently a distressed couple returned a dog they had taken just a few days before. Goose was pulling so badly on the lead that they just couldn’t manage him outside. I suggested they try him on a Canny Collar, which we did there and then. They set off up the lane to try it out. Within minutes they were back, beaming. Goose was transformed and they said walking him on a Canny Collar was like walking a different dog. They set off home with Goose in tow and needless to say we haven’t heard from them since.”

Ros has also experienced huge personal success with the Canny Collar. “My dog, Millie, a Border Collie was always a nightmare to walk near traffic because she literally tried to attack it. I had to cling on for dear life as she tried to hurl herself at oncoming vehicles. I know that if I had let go she would have been under a car, no doubt losing her own life and likely causing a serious accident too. With the Canny Collar I have gained total control of Millie since she really isn’t able to pull at all.

What has impressed me most is that the product does the job in a kind manner and is in keeping with the dog’s natural movement and behaviour. There really is no comparison to the Canny Collar because it works in a unique way, bringing the dog’s head down and not pulling the nose to the side.”

Ros Wybrew, Deputy Manager, RSPCA Block Fen, Cambridgeshire, UK


“We have 2 dogs at JFD, a Japanese Akita and a Chocolate Labrador, who are unwalkable without a Canny Collar, yet with it they are a delight. Many of the walkers would refuse to take these two out, but now they never get left behind.The Canny Collar is by far the best thing we’ve come across and so much easier to put on than many of the ‘headcollars’ on the market and the dogs find it more comfortable too.”

Margaret Smith, Manager, Just For Dogs, Brailsford, Derbyshire, UK


“After a demonstration to our staff, we were very impressed with how the Canny Collar controlled three of our most difficult dogs. Within a very short time, all three were walking obediently on a loose lead, with both handler and dog enjoying the walk.”

Barbara Owen, Centre Manager, RSPCA Southport, UK


“They are flying out of the door – they’re great!”

Julie Ward, Centre Manager, RSPCA Chesterfield, UK


“As an animal chiropractor, I am always looking for collars that are gentle, reduce the amount of stress, and essentially eliminate the potential for injury to a dog’s neck and spine. The Canny® Collar does just that and still allows owners to properly control their dog.”

Dr Susan L. Shaw, B.Sc., D.C., Certified Animal Chiropractor, Barrie, Ontario, Canada


“I recently tried the Canny® Collar on my Great Dane to see how well it worked. The strap over her muzzle appeared more comfortable than the Gentle Leader. When she wasn’t pulling, the strap was very relaxed and was not constrictive in the movement of her jaws. This may be a significant benefit for dogs that resist continual pressure or tension over the bridge of the nose.


The self-correcting movement appeared more effective than other collars that I have tried. Once she stopped pulling, the collar immediately released because there wasn’t any additional drag on the loop like there is on the collars that attach under the neck.  I will definitely continue to use the collar. Thanks for a great product!”

Dr Christopher Pachel DVM, Twin Cities Veterinary Behavior Referral Service,
White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA


“The concept and design of the Canny® Collar enticed me to try it. I have witnessed a dog that previously could not be walked, do a total transformation with the Canny® Collar. His owners are ecstatic and now enjoy walks on a daily basis. I will continue to recommend this kind and gentle collar for all “pullers” that come into my practice.”

Dr Judith Sampson, Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital, Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada


“I work in a busy animal hospital and will continue to recommend the Canny® Collar for all of our clients in need of such a wonderful tool. Thank you and congratulations on a great invention.”

Deanna Dalziel, Due South Animal Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“We have been using Canny Collar and found it to be an excellent product.  Staff and volunteers find it easy to fit and use and the dogs have responded well to it.  Even the strongest dogs are easy to handle.  We would recommend the Canny Collar to anyone who wants to train their dog the humane way.”

Robyn Doig, Manager, Save A Dog Scheme, Melbourne, Australia

“Our company has taken part of many product trials for no-pulling head collars and harnesses.  In over 30 years of operation we have found that the Canny Collar is much more effective for a wider range of dogs than anything we have tested in the past.  Our trainers and clients love the Canny Collar for its ease in both fitting and application as well as its overall effectiveness in helping our dogs learn to walk on a lose leash.”

Jackie Smith, Owner of Dealing with Dogs Ltd, Oakville, ON, Canada


“I have been using and recommending the Canny Collar to my clients for over a year and I am still excited and impressed each time I use it.  I could not be happier with the results.  My clients are not only satisfied with the Canny Collar, they are astonished and rave that it is the best collar on the market to their friends, family and even strangers.  Using the Canny Collar is not only easy, safe and humane but highly effective for both dog and handler alike.  I love how it is orthopedically correct, gentle and humane.  The various sizes available make comfort and effectiveness top priority.

From the casual leash-puller to the aggressive leash-lunger, the Canny Collar is hands down the best training tool I have ever used.”

Yvonne Ferguson, CPDT-KA, CTDI, Owner of Quinte Canine, Bellville, ON, Canada


All of the Veterinarians in our clinic agree that the Canny Collar is not only orthopedically sound but medically safe for both dogs with and without health concerns.  We are thoroughly impressed with the humane design of the collar, how effective it is at reducing leash-pulling and how it improves our client’s confidence level in their ability to control their dog on leash.  North Point Veterinary Hospital highly recommends the Canny Collar.

Dr. Mandeep Chaudhary DVM, Part-Owner of North Point Veterinary Hospital, Bolton, ON, Canada


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