Control the course content yourself by choosing commands you want to teach your dog, according to your lifestyle and family needs.

In Canine Foundations’ obedience training camp, your dog comes to live with the Canine Foundations family to receive specialized training in a nurturing home environment.  Each dog receives a custom program designed, using the techniques best suited for their individual personality, to address the areas of concern outlined by their family.  Our experts work daily with each canine visitor to provide them with a balanced daily routine, similar to the one maintained in their family’s home, in order to deliver real life training, for real life living.

In order to ensure that your furry friend receives the highest quality of care Canine Foundations limits the number of dogs who are accepted into the program.  The professionals at Canine Foundations will personality profile each canine client in order to determine how many visits are required in order to achieve the results desired by their family.  One visit consists of a maximum of 2 weeks of concentrated, one on one training.  In the event that more than one visit is necessary in order to achieve your goals, your dog will require a minimum of 2 weeks home time with your family between each visit.

The average dog can achieve their basic to advanced obedience training within one 2 week visit, learning commands including but not limited to;

CKC Good Neighbour prep, Gun Dog Training, Therapy Dog prep, Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Drop it, Bed, Come, Heel, Off, Leave it, Stay with outdoor distractions, Sitting politely for petting and door greeting manners.

Please note that all canine visitors must be up-to-date on vaccinations and flea / tick control prior to attending camp.  Proof of vaccinations and flea / tick control will be required at the time of registration.

Getting started

Each new client starts with a one-hour personality profiling assessment where one of our experts come to your home and:

  • Discuss your canine behaviour/training goals and current issues
  • Gains background information
  • Reviews your family’s life-style to ensure the program meets your needs
  • Completes a personality profile of your dog
  • Provides an estimate of the number of visits required to achieve your goals

Personality profiling

Your dog’s personality profile assesses his/her intelligence level, problem-solving skills, learning style, drives, motivations, personality type, disposition, areas of sensitivity and low thresholds (areas of low tolerance).  With this information, we are able to choose training techniques best suited for your dog’s unique personality mix, which means quicker and more reliable results for you.

Going home

At the end of your dog’s visit a maintenance program is designed and each family receives a 1 hour session, with one of our expert trainers, to teach each family member how to utilize the commands your dog has learned during camp.  A written copy of your dog’s maintenance program is provided for your review and your two week follow up phone consultation is complementary as a part of your on-going support.

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