Temperament test and obtain a detailed personality profile of a dog in rescue, BEFORE adopting and bringing them home.

There are wonderful adult dogs hoping for the safety and love of an adoptive individual or family, but it is devastating for them to be bounced back and forth from a home to the rescue or shelter.  Learn how to choose the right dog for your home environment, lifestyle and family prior to commitment.

Canine Foundations’ Experts:

  • Assess family profiles
  • Outline breed (or breed-mix) profiles and compatibilities
  • Perform personality profiling of potential pooches
  • Locate reputable rescue and shelter facilities

Family Profiling

Not every dog is a good fit for every family environment.  Learn which type of dog is best suited to your personality, home and lifestyle.  Avoid taking on too much dog for your family, and bring the right dog home – the first time.

Breed Assessment 

Whether it’s a lap lounger or arctic explorer, gentle companion or energetic athlete, each breed has general profile tendencies that can be helpful when seeking out a dog of a particular size, personality, aptitude, appearance, etc. Canine Foundations Consultants are experienced with most purebreds and cross-breeds and are able to provide detailed analyses of breeds and mixes that offer the basic compatibility trends to match your family’s unique needs in a new four-legged friend.

Personality Profiling

Your dog’s personality profile assesses his/her intelligence level, problem-solving skills, drives, motivations, personality type, disposition and low thresholds (areas of low tolerance).  With this information, we are able to determine a dog’s personality mix and rule out animals you and your family may not be equipped to handle.