Crating Concerns

Dear Canine Foundations, I’ve been advised by my veterinarian to crate my 2 year old Jack Russell to stop her from chewing up the house when we leave.  How do I do that when she has never been crated before? Sincerely, Crating concerns Dear Crating concerns, It sounds like you may … [Read more...]

Rise and Whine!

Dear Julie, I’m exhausted! My dog wakes me up every day at 4am with this terrible whining. I’ve tried to ignore him but he just won’t stop. He used to wake up in the night when he was a puppy, but now he’s two. Shouldn’t he be able to hold it for the whole night? Help me … [Read more...]

Time Out Weary

Dear Julie, I am the proud new owner of a 9 months old beagle, who I’ve been told by my dog trainer, is very dominant and pushy.  She recommended giving my dog time outs in her crate when she does not listen but I’m concerned that this will cause her to become afraid of her crate.  Can you time … [Read more...]

Good Dog Gone Wrong

Dear Julie, I have a 3 year old neutered male Springer Spaniel who aggressively lunges towards, growls and barks at the dogs we pass on our walks.  Why is he doing this and can it be fixed? Sincerely, Good Dog Gone Wrong   Dear; Good Dog Gone Wrong,   There are many … [Read more...]

My Lab Eats Everything!

Dear Canine Foundations; Help!  Our beautiful home is slowly but surely being consumed by our 5 month old Yellow Lab.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether I’m in the room or not. I’ve even used anti- chewing sprays, like bitter apple.  He just gnaws away at anything he can find; the … [Read more...]

Seconds Matter! How First Aid Training Saved My Dog

I woke up one night at about 1am to the sound of my dog pacing around the house. He’d stop briefly to paw at the door, and then would continue to do circles around my living room and kitchen. As a side note, my dog doesn’t have a habit of destroying things in my house. I immediately got up to see … [Read more...]

Slowly Going Crazy

Dear Julie, I have a miniature sheltie who insists on running around in circles barking continuously at me when we get ready to go for our walks.  How do I get her to stop doing that? Yours Truly, Slowly Going Crazy Dear Slowly Going Crazy, Assuming the dog is receiving adequate … [Read more...]


Dear Julie, My 1 year old yellow lab is the sweetest boy you will ever meet, very friendly with everyone, gentle and listens extremely well … except when he has a bone.  If myself or anyone for that matter, tries to take his bone from him he will snarl and snap at us.  This random aggression has … [Read more...]

Not just another abandoned dog

We acquired our dog Jessie through a series of sad and unfortunate events. Her previous owners had purchased her from a backyard breeder and reported having difficulties with introducing her to strangers. We originally accepted Jessie as a client for boarding at our kennel, without fully … [Read more...]

Disturbing the Peace

So, your dog won’t stop barking. The first item on your to do list is to listen to what your dog is trying to tell you with her bark.  Dogs communicate their feelings through pitches and tones, and listening to the sound of her bark will tell you how she feels about the situation. The second … [Read more...]