Welcome to Canine Foundations!

We are proud members of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Association and the Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario.
logosCongratulations!  If you are reading this you have entered, or likely to enter, into one of the most rewarding relationships going: co-habitating with a dog.

Like any new relationship, this one needs to be nurtured with time and attention to make it successful.  What makes this relationship particularly tricky is the communication gap.  Simply put, humans and dogs don’t speak the same language.  That’s where Canine Foundations comes in.  We’re a private, mobile, behaviour consulting and dog obedience training service designed to help you bridge that gap.

Why Seek Training Assistance?

DSC_0749Most people live quite happily with their dog, ignoring (for the sake of household peace), a few bothersome bad habits like dashing out the door uninvited, refusing to get off a piece of furniture when asked, or even just pulling excessively on the leash during a walk.

But serious problems may arise if the home dynamics change.  The birth of a new baby, a baby starts to walk, new adults enter the picture, or any other prolonged disruption to the dog’s schedule can trigger more concerning behaviour.

Behaviour or Obedience Problem?

This is an important distinction.

Behaviour is anything above and beyond a miscommunication between you and your dog.  It’s our job to interpret and teach both dog and owner how to co-exist happily, by understanding and addressing the needs of both parties involved.